Cooler/Freezer Combo Box Only

Cooler/Freezer Combo Box Only

This walk-in cooler and freezer combination unit from NAKS features the most powerful components at one of the industry's lowest prices, factory direct. Made from 26-gauge Galvalume coated with Acrylume, this unit employs state of the art alloys to keep it fully insulated. We can design and build units that fit your space and your specs. Freezer access doors can be external or located inside the cooler section. Available in custom heights, the combo cooler comes standard with a floor for the freezer compartment and floorless for the cooler compartment. Four-inch thick insulation ensures that the cold can't escape while the door to this unit is shut. Thru-wall units allow you the flexibility to place the unit outdoors while maintaining access from inside. All NAKS products meet or exceed EISA requirements. Several warranties are included.

  • Indoor Two Compartment Walk-in, Cooler available with or without Floor
  • 4" thick NAKS-XPS4 insulation (R-value of R-29 for cooler and R-32 for freezer).
  • 26-gauge stucco embossed, corrosion resistant, acrylic coated Acrylume® on all interior and exterior surfaces
  • Cooler without floor with vinyl screed
  • Flush self-closing door
  • Digital LED thermometer with pilot light switch
  • Super cam-rise spring assisted hinges and door closer
  • Prewired vapor proof light fixtures in both compartments
  • 30” x 76” or 36” x 76” standard door size
  • NSF, UL
  • Made in USA
  • 50-year R-value warranty on insulation
  • 15-year original panel warranty/ 1-year original panel labor warranty
  • 1-year warranty on parts
  • Ships in 15 working days--subject to terms and conditions

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