Meet Restaurant Equippers

Whether you’re looking to complete your commercial kitchen with name brand equipment from some of the most trusted names in the industry (such as Blodgett, Duke and Vulcan), seeking advice from restaurant industry specialists or simply hoping to find low warehouse prices as well as fast delivery and/or immediate pickup, consider contacting our partner, Restaurant Equippers.

For longer than 40 years, this top-notch supplier has been helping customers large and small with finding and obtaining needed restaurant supplies and equipment.

Restaurant Equippers owes much of its success over the years to its founder Morris Dauch, who in the early 1960s began buying and selling used restaurant equipment out of his garage as a way to give a leg up to some of his friends in the food service industry. He was known for his passion for discovering cost-efficient methods for helping people grow their businesses – a passion that resulted in many long-lasting relationships.

By 1966, Morris had opened an equipment store in the Ohio capital city of Columbus. This made it possible for local operators to obtain supplies and equipment directly from the warehouse. Because he knew what local operators needed and wanted, Morris was able to buy products in bulk lots, eliminating traditional industry lead time for ordering products and making them available at prices formerly available only to large chains.

As Morris continued to grow his business, he eschewed unnecessary expenses such as fancy catalogues, commissioned salesmen and consumer credit programs. He decided to hire former food service workers like himself, whose motivation was to help customers rather than to generate huge commissions.

As Morris was evidently known to say, “Our business is about helping customers save money” – a motto that was as effective as it apparently was (and is) true.

Morris passed away in 2003, but the company continues to grow and expand – a trend that the company attributes specifically to the character and example of its founder.

Give Restaurant Equippers a careful look for your needs. When the time is right to pair your choices with the right Commercial Kitchen Ventilation products, contact Hood Mart!